Atomic force microscope (AFM) NEXT II


Easy to use technology enabling multiple AFM/STM capabilities and delivering world class performance

  • Industry leading automation level
  • Outstanding noise floor and thermal drifts
  • Fast scanner with XYZ low-noise close-loop
  • Routine atomic resolution
  • 60+ SPM modes in basic configuration
  • Continuous zoom from millimeter to nanometer range
  • Integrated with new Atomic Force Microscopy technique HybriD Mode™

Automation features

  • Cantilever recognition and automatic laser alignment both in liquid and air
  • Autofocus
  • Panoramic optical field of view up to 7×7 mm with 2 um resolution
  • Point-and-click motorized precise sample positioning
  • Gentle engagement procedure and automatic feedback loop adjustment
  • Automated MultiScan™ routine on 5x5mm range with stitching of overlapping scans
  • 100s of scans per day automatically
  • Automatic software configuration for all advanced modes
  • 3D mouse for controlling sample stage and optical microscope step movers