optical zoom lens SZ65 Series


Monocular zoom lens
Application: Machine Vision / Industrial Inspection

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    Compact design, very suitable for the small installation
      space of modern equipment.
    - Parallel optical system, high-definition, high contrast images,
      restore the true colors of the objects.
    - Zoom ratio 1:8.3, zoom range 0.6-5x
    - Standard working distance 86 mm
    - Auxiliaryobjective/WD:0.5x/160mm,0.6x/130mm,
    - Standard 1x CTV adaptor

    Optional:   -0.3x,0.5x,1.5x,2x, 3x
                  -Optional for monoc/binoc observation
                  -APO attachment lens
                  -Coaxial light. Polarized filter