SZN71 Microscope


SZN71 with compact structure is sleek and sporty. New designed optical path and click stop function, make it more precision and practical for inspection of electronic components and PC board in industrial field, also available for scientific research, education and antiques identification etc.

Click stop function
Zoom hand wheel with click stop as a key improvement ensures accurate amplification, is very useful for sample dimension confirm. 

DOF and flatness
Greenough optical system with convergence angle of 10 degree, and working with wide field plan eyepieces, ensures the excellent flatness and depth of field.

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Diverse auxiliary objectives
Three auxiliary objectives 0.5X/0.7X/1.5X for option, to expand SZN71 magnification from 3.3X to 135X. The Max. working distance is 177mm while the Min. is 47mm, to meet all the requirements from different applications.

Abundant illumination systems
LED/halogen/fluorescence for option, either built-in illuminator or external type is available, provide the best image by choosing a suitable light.

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