mart 3D microscope camera for metallographic or stereo microscopes.

  • 8mm Diagonal FOV
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 3.75μm×3.75μm Pixel Size
  • 60fps@2MP Frame Rate
  • HDMI Data interface
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  • Easy to Use

    The C20 smart camera is a four-in-one system that integrates the functions of a camera, a software motorized focus platform and a computer host. It can be flexibly matched with reflective optical systems such as stereo microscopes and metallographic microscopes.

    Easy to Use
  • Micron-scale 3D Measurement

    You can mearure any position and record data by the C20 3D fonction. The higher magnification objective lens, the higher precision data: with the metallographic microscope of 10 times objective lens, the C20 Z-axis measurement accuracy and repeatability is±2 micron and±1 micron.

    Micron-scale 3D Measurement
  • Live EDF for Clear Observation

    Ordinary microscopes cannot focus on multiple layers at the same time under high magnification. The C20 inner smart EDF algorithm can help solve these problems, obtain all the features of the sample at high magnifications and capture a clear and correct full-frame focusing image.

    Live EDF for Clear Observation

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