Laboratory BiologicalMicroscope XY


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Product Features

  • Infinity achromatic color corrected optical system
  • T-shaped body with firm structure and ergonomic design
  • Good radiant and anti-fungus system

With the infinite plan achromatic objective, XY emphasize stability and security. It has so many innovations on ergonomics that the users can observe simply and comfortably for long term, With the design of security lock and safety is much more securely, stability and keep steadily performance for long term.

XY can fulfill various microscope examinations such as bright field, dark field, phase contrast, polarizing, Fluorescent. Under the strong, stable,
innovation design of structure. XY The Professionally design for Clinical & Laboratory researcher

Seidentopf Binocular /Trinocular Head inclined at 30°,
Interpupillary Range 48mm-76mm
Pair of PL10X/22 , FN22mm wide-field high eye-point
Plan eyepiece with 1 pointer
Reversed quintuple nosepiece with OIP Infinity Plan Achromatic objective
4X(NA0.1), 10X(NA0.25), 20X(NA0.50),
40Xs(NA0.65), 100Xs (NA1.25)(oil)
Coaxial focus system with tension adjustable,
Coarse focusing scope is 25mm with upper limit and tightness adjustment, fine adjustment precision: 0.002 mm
Mechanical Stage with coaxial drive control Size: 175mm X 145mm, move range 76x50 mm, precision 0.1mm, damped specimen retainer
NA 1.2/0.22 swing-out type achromatic condenser ,
with alterable aperture diaphragm, the center of condenser can be adjusted by rack and pinion.
100V-240V fluctuate of Voltage, 6V30W halogen, pre-centered,
intensity adjustable, telecentric koehler illumination with alterable field diaphragm
Phase contrast objective system, dark field system, Fluorescent system, filter, CTV adaptor.